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And, unlike many Hollywood mothers, she has never had a full-time nanny or housekeeper, but rather gets it all done with help from her husband of more than 15 years.

Your Tango: What is your best memory of your years?

We sat down with now 37-year-old actress Candace Cameron Bure—you remember her as Donna Jo Tanner, or D. for short—to talk about her current projects, including a second book and juggling motherhood—a job she takes quite seriously.

In fact, Candace took a 10-year hiatus from acting to be at home with her three children (now 14, 12 and 10).

She wants to find a husband who respects her faith when she is ready.

I knew he'd been dating Alanis, and we teased him a little and never really got a straight answer from him.

I don't even know if he's answered that question at all in the press.

Candace Cameron Bure: My best memories are really just being on that sound stage with the entire cast and crew rehearsing every week.

We were truly like a family and had such a good time.

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