Updating google maps

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Updating google maps

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Android Police got ahold of a copy of the updated Google Maps app and shared its findings before Google officially announced the update.

On the final page, you can set up or manage your coupons.

(Which is why it would be handy to read my article on Google Coupons if you haven't already.) Once you've finished all of these steps, you'll need to provide validation that you are who you say you are.

In this instance, I listed Dairy Queen style place under "ice cream," "fast food" and "sandwiches." This next screen allows you to set your hours of operation and to list the types of payment methods you accept.

Note that you can set split hours if you're closed for part of the day and you can also specify that you are closed on certain days of the week.

currently I have a map where I can show a point and I have implemented a broadcast receiver to get lattitude and longitude form SMS.

The stops will start to pop up after the search, and Google Maps will even let the user know how much time it will add to the current route, not to mention that when "Gas stations" is selected, it will show the current gas prices on callout boxes as well as on the search results.The next step is to upload photos of your business.You can upload up to ten pictures, though you'll want to first check to make sure that the photos comply with Google's guidelines.As far as using the updated app goes, the results screen can be adjusted with panning and zooming, so it's fairly easy to tinker with, and even more so on a larger screen.You won't find the updated Google Maps app on the Play Store yet, but fortunately, the APK file is available on APK Mirror.

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One approach (there are many different approaches) is to have your map Activity register a temporary Broadcast Receiver that is setup to only listen to private broadcasts from your app, and then have your SMS broadcast receiver generate a new broadcast with the latitude/longitude from the SMS.

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