Updating fedora 8 to 9 Free meet mature video chat

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Updating fedora 8 to 9

I was motivated by the fact that the yum questions are never ending here at Fedora Forum and the question of how to make yum work for these older versions of Fedora seem to be quite common.The usual response is to install the newest and greatest Fedora.For more information about Fedora's support cycle see the life cycle page, Cycle It has occurred to me that this guide may be mis-interpreted as a guide on how to install any software you want to install for older releases of Fedora. It is about being able to use yum for these older versions when the original repositories are long since closed.

My goal was to figure out how to get yum to work despite the fact that the stock repositories are long gone in most cases.Rather than flog a dead horse I'm closing this thread and strongly suggest that you use a supported release of Fedora.Note: The Fedora releases here, Fedora Core 1 through Fedora 12, are no longer supported or maintained, so they do not receive bug fixes or security updates. To obtain the latest, supported version of Fedora, please refer to the main download page, For more detailed instructions on using Justin is a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology and first began using Fedora in December 2013.He is enrolled in the Networking and Systems Administration major and expects to graduate in 2019.

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Outside of Fedora, Justin is involved in other open source communities.

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