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If you choose to comment, I moderate the site, so new users’ comments don’t appear until I’ve cleared them from the queue. Harvey Danger – “Flagpole Sitta.” The sneering slacker anthem for the second half of the decade.Overplayed by a factor of 300% in “retro” music blocks on alternative stations. Auteurs – “Everything You Say Will Destroy You.” Truer words were never spoken. Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Kiss Them For Me.” An ode to Jayne Mansfield and an unusually restrained song for the Banshees.This song was one exception, as I can certainly see Camus’ The Stranger in here. Beck – “Where It’s At.” When this song was current, shortly after my wife and I got married, my in-laws were visiting for the weekend and we were driving to dinner somewhere while I had WFNX on, playing this song, obviously, or I wouldn’t be using it as the comment here.There’s a shrill beeping behind the chorus, spurring my mother-in-law to chime in from the back seat, “This song is really annoying.” She’s never really gotten Beck, I have to say. Metallica – “Enter Sandman.” If you listen closely around the mark, y You can actually hear the death of thrash metal in this song.“Janine/I drink you up/Like you were the Baltic Sea/And I were a cup” doesn’t have the same impact in print. Sponge – “Plowed.” They were kind of viewed as a knockoff of a knockoff (Stone Temple Pilots), but this is one of the better amp-up songs of the decade, and it’s better than “Molly,” their biggest hit and the song they claim had nothing to do with Molly Ringwald despite the “Sixteen candles down the drain” chorus. Letters to Cleo – “I See.” I’ve got a dozen or so songs on here that changed my opinions on rock or alternative music, and this is another – I’d never heard anything like Kay Hanley’s frenetic, tongue-twisting delivery on this or its follow-up, “Here and Now.” The now-defunct WBCN gave them a lot of love during my senior spring in college, when I was counting the minutes until I graduated and listened to even more music than ever. Dishwalla – “Counting Blue Cars.” My opinion of the song improved when I realized the vocals were from the perspective of elementary school kids, musing about life’s big questions. Our Lady Peace – “Superman’s Dead.” Had four OLP songs on my original list but ended up with just one; “Starseed,” “Naveed,” and “One Man Army” were the others.I’m still convinced the band flopped because their name sucked, though. “Superman’s Dead” seems, with hindsight, the peak of their energy-filled-teenaged-angst style. Meat Puppets – “Backwater.” Speaking of bad band names, I bring you the Meat Puppets, and their one pop song.Squirrel Nut Zippers – “Hell.” One of the best bands I have ever seen live, and the only band from that swing-revival period to make the list. Mazzy Star – “Fade Into You.” It was a disappointment to hear that ethereal voice and then see that Hope Sandoval is actually quite unattractive. Filter – “Hey Man, Nice Shot.” Another game-changer – I don’t think I’d ever heard a song on the radio before this one with so much screaming.

which became 162 (a good baseball number, at least) … and finally stopped at 200, which still left a few good songs* on the outside.

All links go to’s MP3 downloads, so if a song is unlinked, it’s not available for individual purchase, and I’m not going to suggest to anyone that they buy a whole album to get one song, since those days should be firmly behind us by now.

The last list brought a number of new readers to the site, so if you’re one of them: Welcome.

How this album, Sweet Oblivion, which put another song higher up this list, didn’t go multi-platinum is beyond me. The Black Crowes – “Remedy.” Their first album was the big seller, but it didn’t have a song to match “Remedy,” which is what Oasis would have produced if they’d been a southern blues-rock act, a dense, over-the-top, relentless track that borrows heavily from its influences without sounding derivative. James – “I Know What I’m Here For.” James specialized in songs that were simultaneously upbeat but with lyrics filled with doubt or wistful longings; this almost bouncy song brings unusually confident lyrics that make it sound more like an anthem. Alice in Chains – “Them Bones.” Usually rock songs with odd time signatures are just masturbatory exercises, but the odd meters and changes between them in this song give it an unbalanced feel that adds to the sense of doom in the lyrics. Soundgarden – “Burden In My Hand.” I remember reading an interview with Chris Cornell in Newsday in the early 1990s where he talked about his lyrical influences as Kafka, Camus, and Celine.

That was evident on Badmotorfinger, but he simplified his approach greatly on Soundgarden’s final two albums.

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I suppose it’s open to interpretation, but the backing music has that trademark Maniacs melange of American styles from bluegrass to big band. Helmet – “Unsung.” The most overhyped (major-label) debut album of the 1990s?