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Bottom line, you do not have to actually met anyone. Why not set up a second email account for only your dating profile responders . With penfriend sites - which might suit you - you can specific which countries you wish to hear from and you can also stipulate males or females and age group, hobbies etc. You may be better off searching for a local woman friend (straight) because most men find it hard to be platonic friends with a woman and start to want more and move on if it is not forthcoming. you can cut off anyone who seems to have too much drama or trauma.

Get busy with some great hobbies and join as many sites as you can and wait for things to happen. I would love to have someone for a cup of coffee and a chat, a meal out etc.

As the clich goes, attack the ball, not the player.

Even if you strongly disagree with something another member has written, please avoid personal attacks. ;0) Plus have met some nice people how can it get better ?

Learn about what they value and don't value Learn what the person is like AS a person. The kee is how does he act on a consistant basis over time? name, email, phone number, where we were meeting, etc.

Some men will pretend they want to be a friend when really they are after sex. And some will be married or with someone already and pretending to be single.

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