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Ross lynch answers dating questions

Dr John Frith, Paddington Possession is nine points of the law, so it's a case of receivers keepers, senders weepers.Jim Dewar, North Gosford The ownership of the intellectual property (content of email) is always the sender's.Because you are unconscious and your brain is inactive, it doesn't perceive and process the pain signals it is receiving, and you don't remember them when you wake up.

Email and phone messages, unlike letters, exist in cyberspace but if employees are sacked for sending smut on company time or terrorists and criminals are convicted because of any sort of communication, there is no difference. Lorraine Avery, Menai A mistress is something between a master and a mattress. Gordon Fitzgerald, Chippendale Mister or Mystery Mister. Other contemporary options include: `toyboy', `poolboy', `milkman', `bimboy'. Vicky Lau, Mulgoa By his mistress, he is known as darling. Steve Barrett, Glenbrook A man is commonly called `A cheating bastard'. Jim Dewar, North Gosford The man is called a `two-timing sod! Conversely, `kept man' is one who is financially supported by a weathier, older woman.By his wife, and her friends, he is known as a bastard. Jen Lynch, Camperdown Pain is a sensation or feeling activated in our nervous system.And by most other guys, he is probably known as Lucky. Anaesthesia or (anesthesia) traditionally meant the condition of having the feeling of pain and other sensations being blocked.

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`Master' or `consort' are generally considered the male equivalent.