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Intimidating info

The following 6 signs will reveal if your personality intimidates others: 1) Don’t waste time on trivial things in life Your time is paramount, so you won’t waste it doing things that are not useful or you just won’t spend your time in the company of people you do not like.

2) You See Solutions Where Others See Only Problems You already offer a solution while others panic over the problem and its possible consequences.

His glory years were with the Yankees from 1978 to '82, and he is best remembered for closing out their epic 1978 playoff game against Boston to win the AL East and, later, the World Series.

Marichal's otherworldly high leg kick made his curve, slider, screwball and fastball seem even more intimidating.

Burning with an intensity that approached his 96-mph fastball, Gossage was one of the most durable and consistent power closers.

Gossage racked up 310 saves and 1,502 strikeouts in 22 seasons.

Play games in native 4K, experience the performance of Direct X 12,* broadcast your gameplay and stay connected with the Xbox app.** And with Xbox Play Anywhere*** you can play in more places on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

Marichal rapped the catcher on the head with his bat, sparking a wild brawl.

Yet, there is no doubt that there is a lot more on beneath their surface that needs to be discovered.

Yet, these people are usually unaware of the impression they leave behind, and might not even realize that their behavior intimidates others.

These people predict issues far before others and are always ready to act on time.

3) You Always Say What’s on Your Mind These people are straightforward and always tell what they really think, which people often find it hard to accept. 4) You Are Wise Beyond Your Years Alpha personality types are generally outgoing, but they have an introspective side as well. You expect others to be just as frank and open to you as you are to all people.

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Later he refined his control to make full use of the brushback pitch when necessary.