Interracial dating statistics census

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Interracial dating statistics census

Size, demographic and ethnocultural composition, geographic distribution, number of generations and years spent in Canada, along with other characteristics, could all contribute to explain the variation in the mixed unions among visible minority groups.

In 2011, couples in which both spouses or partners were from the same broad religious group represented 73.6% of all couples, while couples in which both persons reported having no religious affiliation accounted for 16.6% of couples.

Most couples in mixed unions reside in the major census metropolitan areas.

In 2011, 6.0% of couples living in one of the 33 census metropolitan areas were in mixed unions, compared with 1.0% of couples living outside such areas.

In comparison, the vast majority of all couples involved two persons born in the same country.

Couples composed of two Canadians by birth represented 66.9% of all married and common-law couples, while the share of couples in which both members were born in the same country outside Canada was 18.2%.

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Latin Americans (48.2%) and Blacks (40.2%) were the second and third most likely visible minority groups to form mixed unions.