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Intergenerational dating sites

Thus the CPSA supported the 1922 white miners' strike whose main objective was the protection of the job reservation regime for white workers.

5This study, as an attempt to reconstruct the period 1963-90, is however not without its own limitations.The difficulty associated with sources notwithstanding, the literature in this cat­egory is dominated by the "Cold War" and " rooigevaar " schools, whose main preoccupation was Soviet influence and strategy in Southern Africa and the extent to which the ANC was controlled by the SACP.4 The third category of the literature emerged following the unbanning of the Party in 1990, some as academic works and others as autobiographies, as well as the history written by the Party itself.The general secretary, Moses Kotane, and the national chairperson, JB Marks, both highly respected within the Congress alliance, had a long history of association with the SACP, dating back to the days of the CPSA, and also occupied influential positions in the ANC.Other Central Committee members who were to play an important role after 1963 included Joe Slovo, Michael Harmel, "Rusty" Bernstein, Brian Bunting, Marimuthu Pragalathan (MP) Naicker, Joe Matthews, Bram Fischer, Duma Nokwe and Mark Shope.

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