Dating seiko watches

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The most commonly modified Seiko watch is undoubtedly the SKX007 divers watch (see here for an example), rated to 200m and featuring the ubiquitous 7S26 movement.

I’ve tried aftermarket Seamaster 300 style dials and Seiko sports diver dials but the only one I come back to which I think works coherently enough is the dial from a 6309-7040.In every respect, bar the hacking lever and centre wheel bridge (which sports a groove in the 6306 to accommodate the hacking lever), the 63 movements are essentially identical from the train wheel bridge down.The bridge itself however, is where those additional four jewels lie.I suspect much of the grot on this side has come from barrel grease migrating through from the lower barrel arbor hole in the mainplate.Turning it over, the main evidence of neglect lies in the accumulation of dirt/wear/grease on the ratchet wheel and with that removed we see too on this side of the movement, barrel grease congealed around the upper barrel arbor hole in the barrel and train wheel bridge.

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In fact, there was so much gloop that the barrel refused to part from the bridge without rather more of a wrestle than should be the case Having unglued the barrel, we have a chance to see one of the features which distinguishes the 6306 from the 6309 movement; the hacking lever For the uninitiated, the hacking lever transfers longitudinal movement of the clutch wheel to the balance wheel such that when the crown is pulled out to the setting position, the lever will move against the balance wheel, stopping the watch.

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