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Blind dating subtitles hearing impared

I also have a deaf younger brother and we use the site frequently to plan our cinema visits (we are big movie lovers! It's great to have all the subtitled cinema times in one place. And with ageing, loss of some hearing and sight is inevitable. It is so considerate of them and I I can follow the film. better have subtitles because I've lost a considerable amount of hearing since the last ones!

Access to film - via subtitles/captions and audio description - is something that we may all appreciate, eventually My old man insisted that I come to Star Wars 7 with him, said it made such an impact on him when he was 9 (Er, I’m 17). He’s a bit deaf now so we’re very thankful that the new one is subtitled. Nan is 76 now and very deaf but she still loves going to the cinema and I have to take her so it’s very very handy that there’s subtitles on everything now. I watched the original in the cinema with my Dad when I was a kid, and watched the later ones with my kid.

I am very hard of hearing and can't hear the soundtrack.

I hadn't been to the cinema for years, until I discovered subtitled films.

Now if you could just tackle the popcorn prices...!

Without captions, I may as well not go to the cinema. My first film with sub-titles at my local cinema... What a special treat to make out every word of the dialogue. I grew up with a younger brother who was deaf, when we were children we would watch films together and i would have to explain what was happening because so few were subtitled and i could see how little he understood with just seeing moving pictures and even though i tried i could not do a very good job, when closed captions and subtitles started being added to more films it was like another world had opened up to my brother what i had taken for granted he saw as a life changing thing and we could discuss what the films were about without him having to guess.

It wasn't to far from my house and I just want to say thank you. I love the cinema but rarely go as ploughing through countless websites used to drive me insane!!

It is a perfect time for a perfect day and I have a deaf aunty that will be so grateful about this when I tell her. I’m totally deaf in one ear and hearing in the other. So I can hear films but chances are I miss quite a bit, so just to be certain I go to subtitled shows. Especially now I've moved to the West Midlands and have so many cinemas to choose from, your site makes my life so luck easier. I was a screenwriter/tv film director in my day - now retired, but cinema has always been my greatest love. My daughter is 15 and profoundly deaf; is on her phone.

You have a really great website it helped me find out a viewing for Beauty and the Beast with subtitles.

I am now losing my hearing and watching films in the cinema has become a struggle. She’s always excited if she can see a subtitled film – it’s easy for her to follow and laugh at the jokes along with everyone else… I find this website invaluable – all the subtitle information together on one impartial page – a must-have bookmark if you like going to the cinema!

I miss the plot points, and lose track of the story. I so enjoyed The Big Short with English subtitles at my nearest cinema, Vue Westfield, on a Sunday afternoon. I think people who can hear perfectly well must also appreciate subtitles sometimes... Thank you for providing this brilliant service – I started going back to the cinema once I got word of it – keep up the good work! I could just about make out the pictures and the amazing audio descriptions helped a lot. It’s so very nice to be included, I feel equal, like I belong in the cinema. We went to a subtitled show of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and it was really useful to ‘hear’ what Batman was saying in his deep voice…

Captions allow me to at least be able to share a social occasion with friends without feeling excluded. I wear 2 hearing aids and although they are good, there is always the problem of the music being so much louder that the words. From 'Den of Geek': An easy way to search for a cinema near you that is showing your desired film with added subtitles is the brilliant website Your Local

At a bar, I'm excluded as I can't follow what's going on, at party the same. Here you can select your town and see every captioned screening in your local area, with dates and times, too.

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Finding where and when can also be a problem but [email protected] cinema makes it easy to set dates aside to go Subtitles are vital for raising barriers for Deaf people watching films, they can watch the film and have a clear picture of what is happening.

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