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Amy lee dating seether

When you're in a band like Seether, your worst fear isn't overdosing or dying in a tour bus crash or contracting an obscure and untreatable STD: It's having to get a day job. Superstar bands have no need to fear this, and baby bands probably already have day jobs, but the bands in the middle are the ones who worry: Maybe they had only one hit, a long time ago.Maybe they had bad accountants or just enough success to get their hopes up."There's been a lot of bands you don't hear about anymore that have fallen by the wayside," says Seether frontman Shaun Morgan.But the older I get and the more I've been doing this, the less I want to be seen and to be in a spotlight.

The first version: “Usually we were not sober, to be honest.”3. (Allison Stewart)Seether's newest album, "Isolate and Medicate," debuted in Billboard's Top 5 when it was released last summer, an impressive showing for a band old enough to qualify as a legacy act.

She has never engaged in any publicity stunt and feels that celebrities use fashion to appeal to an audience because they have nothing to offer through their work.

She has won awards in a range of categories including vocals and songwriting.

It keeps me sane to distance myself, because I find myself disappointed in humans a lot."This is how Tim Butler, co-founder, unofficial spokesman and bassist for The Psychedelic Furs, ranks the band's lineups (in rough order):1.

The current version: “The best that has ever toured.”2.

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It was a very hard time for my brother and I as I was also leaving for Iraq in a month.

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